Our Vision:

To give our customers a positive experience every time they come in, one that makes them smile, enjoy their time with us and appreciate that our quality ingredients are healthy, self-indulgent, and affordable. Our mission is to make this YOUR Perk!

We know that life can get a little crazy sometimes, never stopping even when we wish we could just take a breath and rest. This is why we want to offer you something to brighten your day and perk yourself up.

Craving something sweet and indulgent? Try our fresh pastries from local bakeries! Want something healthy that still satisfies? We’ve got you covered. What’s your perk?


Your Hometown Cafe
Ocean County, we want you to be happy, we want this to be a perk in your day, your cafe! We sourced the best coffee, the best baked goods, the best smoothies with a great grab n’ go food selection!

Artisan Crafted
Each and every item on our menu is handcrafted by passionate locals, whether by our skilled baristas or our creative partners. Perk’s friendly baristas custom tailor each and every experience!