Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Protein Bites

Looking for an afternoon snack that will actually hold you over until you’re home for dinner? Want something tasty to enjoy after your intense workout? Protein bites are a perfect way to enjoy a healthy snack that can actually fill you up. 

If you’re interested in adding a new favorite snack to your diet, you might have looked at different protein food items. As total foodies ourselves, we personally love protein balls, which is why we decided to hand make them for our customers in-house!

What is a Protein Bite? 

Also called “protein balls,” a protein bite is a small, snackable, and filling snack about the size of a golf ball. It contains some type of protein supplement, depending on who’s making it, and is meant to give you a boost while also tasting delicious! 

At Perk, we use the same whey protein that you’ll find in one of our many smoothies. We also add in other ingredients like natural peanut butter, coconut flakes, and fig.

Why Protein Bites Make Awesome Snacks

Fill Up and Fuel Up for the Long Day Ahead

When you’re going about your day-to-day, you may need something to help keep you going between lunch and dinner. When you’re looking for an on-the-go snack that can actually fill you up, something like a sugary candy bar won’t do. Nothing’s worse than an afternoon sugar crash! 

Instead, protein bites often feature filling ingredients like protein supplements and peanut butter to provide you with an enjoyable snack that’s actually filling enough for those last few hours of the day. Just open, eat, and go! 

They Taste Great! 

Protein bites have that “just right” amount of sweetness. They’re not overly sweet like candy bars, yet they don’t lack flavor either. Instead, it’s a perfect balance of sweetness and other flavors for a perfect “grown-up” treat. 

If you’re looking for a treat with fewer carbs and sugar, protein bites might be for you. They offer a serving of healthy fats, protein, more complex carbs, and fiber than your average sweet treat. 

Perfect for After a Workout 

If you’ve finished lifting weights or doing cardio, the last thing you probably want to do is eat a hefty meal right away. Instead of mixing protein powder with water from the gym water fountain, you can eat a protein bite in a couple of minutes while you’re heading home. Say goodbye to watered-down protein powders!

What Makes a Great Protein Bite? 

Tastes Great! 

First and foremost, it has to taste amazing! No one wants a snack that isn’t enjoyable. As we said, protein bites should be tasty without venturing into “too sweet”. 

Conscious Ingredients

Like you, we’re also mindful of what goes into our bodies. That’s why we believe protein bites should be made with high-quality ingredients as much as possible in place of processed alternatives. 

For example, with our Almond Joy-inspired protein bites, we use chocolate chips, honey, chocolate whey protein, rolled oats, organic almond butter, and fresh coconut flakes. Food’s better when it’s made with ingredients you can pronounce! 

For All Lifestyles

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or enjoying a regular day in the life, your protein bites should serve your needs in the moment. Our bites at Perk are created to suit anyone from athletes to an office worker grabbing a quick snack with their cold brew on their lunch break. 

No Prep Work Required

Some store-bought protein products require prep work to enjoy. A great protein snack should be designed for a quick bite, not one that requires any heating up or other prep work to enjoy. 

Protein Bites: Perk Style 

Our customers at Perk love protein bites, and that’s why we proudly make them in-house! Currently, we proudly offer two varieties for you to enjoy: 

Almond Coconut 

Inspired by the classic Almond Joy candy bar, our almond coconut protein bites recreate that delicious tropical chocolatey goodness you live with the boost you need. Organic almond butter acts as a base for fresh chocolate chips, honey, rolled oats, and chocolate whey protein – all coated in tasty coconut flakes! 

Chocolate Cranberry 

Perfect year-round and especially during the colder months, the chocolate cranberry protein bite combines sweet and salty in perfect harmony. We start with an organic peanut butter base and then add chocolate chips, honey, vanilla whey protein, rolled oats, and sweet craisins for a tasty finishing touch. 

Try a Perk Protein Bite for Yourself! 

Want to try our protein bites? Visit our coffee shop at 333 US 9 in Bayville, NJ to enjoy a fresh-made snack with your order.