At our cafe, our baristas are committed to providing high-quality products, while always looking for fun new ways to expand the menu. If you are a coffee lover, you are probably familiar with cold brew coffee. 


Cold brew coffee is a Perk fan favorite for its bold but smooth flavor, while also providing that extra kick of caffeine. Our team has been investigating new ways to improve our cold brew coffee, and there is no better way than Nitro Cold Brew. Read our guide on all things Nitro Cold Brew, and come visit your local cafe to try our newest menu addition!  


How Is Nitro Cold Brew Made? 

The Nitro Cold Brew is similar to regular cold brew but is served by combining nitrogen gas. By adding nitrogen gas, it froths the cold brew which brings a smoother texture and flavor. The process is first started by steeping coffee beans in cold water for 10-14 hours, which creates a highly concentrated coffee. 


Through a special kegerator machine, the fresh cold brew is then combined with the nitrogen gas and is dispensed through a tap, similar to a draft beer. Not only is it fun to dispense coffee over a tap, but it also keeps the cold brew extra fresh! 


What Does Nitro Cold Brew Taste Like? 

Since the Nitro Cold Brew is dispensed through a draft, the product quality is improved. Not only is the Nitro Cold Brew refreshing when first served, but it can stay fresh for longer periods of time, perfect for our customers who enjoy sipping on their coffee all morning. 


Cold brew in general is often less acidic than regular coffee and has a smoother flavor. With the Nitro Brew process, the result is often frothy, similar to a stout beer. Nitro Cold Brew has a naturally creamy consistency without having to add any milk, which is unique to other iced coffee beverages. Nitro Cold Brew is often served ‘black’ over little to no ice and can be complimented by a flavor or milk depending on the preference of the drinker. 



Perk It Up! Try our Nitro Cold Brew With Cold Foam

If you are interested in trying Nitro Cold Brew but would prefer milk or flavor we suggest complementing the drink with cold foam. Cold foam is similar to steamed milk, instead, it is made with cold milk that lays directly on top of a cold brew or iced latte. Our team can even add any of our 29 flavors to customize your cold foam, to help satisfy any of your sweet tooth cravings! 


Be one of the first to try our new Nitro Cold Brew coffee and visit us at 333 Route 9, in Bayville, NJ!

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