August 2021

Protein Bites: The Perfect Power-Up


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Protein Bites Looking for an afternoon snack that will actually hold you over until you’re home for dinner? Want something tasty to enjoy after your intense workout? Protein bites are a perfect way to enjoy a healthy snack that can actually fill you up.  If you’re interested in [...]

Protein Bites: The Perfect Power-Up2021-08-27T10:53:34-04:00

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee


The Best Way to Enjoy Your Coffee Cold  At our cafe, cold brew coffee is one of our true customer favorites and our baristas love it too! It’s the perfect way to refresh and refuel at any time of the year.  Whenever a new customer is curious about trying cold brew for the first time, [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Brew Coffee2021-08-19T12:25:28-04:00

November 2020

Pour Over Coffee


Everything You Need to Know About Making Pour Over Coffee The pour over method for making coffee allows you to draw some of the richest and boldest taste from the ground beans of your choice. Though it takes more time than other, simpler methods, the deeper flavor profile is worth the tradeoff for many coffee [...]

Pour Over Coffee2020-11-12T16:18:46-04:00

August 2020



Customer Safety and Cafe Cleanliness: We maintain meticulous attention to detail at Perk Cafe, and that includes our cleaning and safety measures. Our baristas are dedicated to strict cleaning protocols such as: sanitizing tables between use, changing gloves regularly, wearing masks at all times, having their temperatures checked before shifts start, along with many others. [...]

COVID-19 NOTICE2020-08-03T19:20:49-04:00
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