• Winter Specials

    • Hot Chocolate Collection

      3.5 / 4

      *All topped with fluffy whipped cream upon request!


      Creamy dulce chocolate that makes you feel like you’re by the fireplace

      Winter White

      The white chocolate version of our classic!  Just as creamy and delicious as our dark chocolate version


      Take your hot chocolate to the next level with a twist of fresh peppermint


      Caramel and chocolate, enough said!

    • Lattes/Cappuccinos

      4.5 / 5.5

      Peppermint Mocha

      Get festive with a flavorful blend of peppermint and your choice of either dark or white chocolate.


      It's the holiday cookie staple, in a latte version! Brown Sugar Cinnamon swirled with french vanilla to give your taste buds what they crave.

      Salted Caramel 

      Our salted caramel latte will bring your taste buds right into the holiday season!  Swirled into our specialty espresso, it’ll give you the holiday cheer you are looking for.

      Winter White Mocha

      The white chocolate version of our mocha latte blended with specialty white chocolate that’ll make you feel as though you are in a winter wonderland!

      Eggnog Latte

      Nothing rings in the winter season like Eggnog!  Our speciality latte gives you the best of both worlds when you toss in a double shot of espresso and some skim milk to give it a smooth flavor.

    • Coffee & Tea

    • House Blend

      2.5 / 3
    • Cold Brew

      4 / 5
    • Hot Chocolate

      3.5 / 4
    • Hot Tea

      2.5 / 3
    • Cappuccino

      4 / 5
    • Espresso

    • Lattes:

    • Chai

      4 / 5
    • Matcha

      4 / 5
    • Turmeric

      4 / 5
      4 / 5
    • Mocha

      4 / 5
    • Extras:

    • Oat Milk or Almond Milk


      *Additional charge for lattes only

    • Flavor Shot


      Vanilla, SF Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut

    • Smoothies

    • AM Revival

      6 / 7.5

      A perfect jump-start to your morning (or afternoon slump), the AM Revival blends a double shot of espresso, cocoa, banana and vanilla protein to be the filling boost you need to get through the day.

    • Berry Banana Blast

      6 / 7.5

      Who doesn’t love a classic?  Our Berry Banana Blast is the quintessential smoothie; strawberries, blueberries, banana and 24 grams of vanilla whey protein whips into a delicious, tangy, creamy treat you can have any time.

    • Chocolate Almond

      6 / 7.5

      This one is for all you chocolate lovers! We take chia seeds, all natural almond butter, almond milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon and pack in 24 grams of chocolate whey protein.  You better believe that this smoothie will give you the boost you need to seize the day!

    • Mango Madness

      6 / 7.5

      Take a trip to the tropics with our Mango Madness smoothie, a blend of mango, chia seeds, and 24 grams of vanilla whey protein. Close your eyes, take a sip and imagine yourself on a sunny beach with gentle waves hitting the shore.  Open your eyes and realize you’re still in Bayville, NJ… but at least you still have this smoothie.

    • Peppermint Mocha

      6 / 7.5

      It's our AM Revival with a ton of holiday spirit added!  Espresso, chocolate, banana, peppermint to go along with some vanilla protein powder to give you the boost you need to get holiday shopping done.

    • Tropical Greens

      6 / 7.5

      Enjoy Perk Cafe’s most refreshing smoothie made with mango, pineapple, spinach, and chia seeds.  We also add 24 grams of vanilla whey protein to give an added health boost!  This lightly sweet smoothie is packed full of wholesome ingredients and nutrients to make you feel great!

    • The Elvis

      6 / 7.5

      Enjoy one of Elvis’ favorite combinations- peanut butter, banana and chocolate. With cacao nibs adding a delicious crunch you’re bound to be one with the King.  *Note: The Elvis smoothie is blended, not all shook up.*

    • Smoothie Happy Hour

      Mon-Fri 12PM-4PM | $1 off + Free Protein if desired

    • Made In-House Breakfast

    • Artisan Parfait


      Made In-House at Perk!  Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt Blended With Locally Farmed Blueberries or Strawberries and Topped with Organic Granola!

    • Avocado Toast


      Fresh Smashed Avocado, Juicy Cherry Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, & Everything Bagel Seasoning. *Spicy Option Available By Drizzling Red Pepper And Sriracha

    • Egg & Cheese Sandwich


      2 Farm Fresh Eggs, Layered In Gooey Melted Cheese, Lathered In Either Roasted Red Pepper or Basil Pesto Aioli Spread, Nestled In A Toasty King Sized English Muffin!

    • Perk Toasted Melt


      Choice of Locally Baked Semolina Or Rye Bread, Decked Out With Our Pepperjack And Cheddar Blend, Smothered In Either Roasted Red Pepper Aioli or Basil Pesto Aioli and Toasted Golden Brown!

    • Perkadilla


      Flour tortilla loaded with diced tomatoes and your choice of meat and cheese.  You can make it a breakfast version by adding egg and avocado for an additional charge!

    • Add-Ons

      Add Porkroll, Bacon, or Turkey Bacon: $1

      Add Second Slice of Avocado Toast: $2.50

      Add Organic Farm Fresh Tomato Slice: $0.25

    • Baked Goods

    • Cheese Pockets


      Flaky, buttery, puff pastry made even better with a sweet cream cheese filling.

    • Donuts


      Assorted fresh made donuts that’ll hit the spot.

    • Fresh Baked Cookies


      This larger than life treat is both homemade and delicious.  Satisfy your cookie craving!

    • Apple Turnovers


      Basically a hand held apple pie, how can it get any better? Flaky, stuffed pastry with sweet apple pie filling will make you think you’ve died and gone to pastry heaven.

    • Muffins


      Fresh baked, and sweet.  Our assorted muffins are a popular pairing with one of our tasty beverages.

    • Crumb Cake Squares


      Generous layer of crisp, buttery, cinnamon laden crumbs atop a pillowy-soft cake that’s swirled with notes of vanilla.

    • Salted Fudge Brownies


      Rich, fudgey squares that will satisfy any chocolate craving.

    • Paleo Cookies


      Soft and chewy coconut chocolate chip cookies. Vegan and paleo friendly!

    • Flourless PB Cookies


      Peanut butter cookies have never tasted so good. Soft and sweet, with chopped peanuts and major peanut butter flavor!

    • Snacks

    • The New Primal Classic Beef Jerky

    • Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips


      Jalapeno, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Smokehouse BBQ

    • Taos Bakes


      Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt, Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean

    • Grab n' Go Beverages

    • Kombucha


      Ginger-Lemon, Pink Lady Apple, Superfoods Power Greens

    • Ugly Sparkling Water 12oz



    • Ugly Sparkling Water 16oz


      Plain Sparkling

    • Dona Spice Sodas


      Pink Peppercorn Lemon, Juniper Lime, Turmeric Honeybush

    • Olipop Sodas


      Vintage Cola, Ginger-Lemon, Classic Root Beer, Cherry Vanilla

    • Life Water

    • Specials

    • Perk Breakfast


      Choice of:

      Avocado Toast & a 16oz Coffee or Tea


      Egg & Cheese Sandwich & a 16oz Coffee or Tea

      *Upgrade to 20oz/24oz for $0.50

      *Upgrade to Cold Brew for $1.50

      *Add Porkroll, Bacon, Avocado or Turkey Bacon to Sandwich for $1

      *Add Second Slice of Avocado Toast for $2.50

      *Add Organic Farm Fresh Tomato Slice for $0.25

    • Perk Pastry

      Receive $0.50 off any coffee or tea with the purchase of a Perk Pastry!

      *Does not include lattes or cappuccinos

    • Smoothie Happy Hour

      Mon-Fri 12PM-4PM | $1 off + Free Protein if desired