• Fall Specials

    • Additional Flavors


      Pumpkin Pie

      Pumpkin Spice

      Brown Sugar Cinnamon

    • Apple Pie Smoothie

      6 / 7.5

      Banana, vanilla protein, pumpkin pie seasoning, rolled oats, and apple cider.

    • Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte

      4 / 5

      Sweet brown sugar and cinnamon blends with the espresso and steamed milk to create the perfect drink to warm your soul as the weather cools down around us. (Also should be a candle.)

    • Chaga Chai *Limited Time Offering*

      4 / 5

      A deliciously unique blend of chaga mushrooms, chicory root, roasted dandelion root, and adaptogenic astragalus root.

    • Cider

      2.5 / 3

      Hot or Iced

    • Pumpkin Chai

      4 / 5

      Lightly spiced chai with sweet pumpkin notes are sure to brighten your day.

    • Pumpkin Pie Latte

      4 / 5

      Enjoy your favorite fall dessert in a cup, sweet pumpkin and pumpkin spice mixed with espresso and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and cinnamon makes for an indulgent treat perfect to perk you up.

    • Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

      6 / 7.5

      Pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice seasoning, vanilla protein, and oat milk.

    • Spiced Chai

      4 / 5

      Lightly sweetened with your favorite fall spices with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

    • Coffee & Tea

    • House Blend

      2.5 / 3
    • Cold Brew

      4 / 5
    • Hot Chocolate

      3.5 / 4
    • Hot Tea

      2.5 / 3
    • Cappuccino

      4 / 5
    • Espresso

    • Lattes:

    • Chai

      4 / 5
    • Matcha

      4 / 5
    • Turmeric

      4 / 5
      4 / 5
    • Mocha

      4 / 5
    • Extras:

    • Oat Milk or Almond Milk


      *Additional charge for lattes only

    • Flavor Shot


      Vanilla, SF Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut

    • Smoothies

    • AM Revival

      6 / 7.5

      A perfect jump-start to your morning (or afternoon slump), the AM Revival blends a double shot of espresso, cocoa, banana and vanilla protein to be the filling boost you need to get through the day.

    • Berry Banana

      6 / 7.5

      Who doesn’t love a classic?  Berry Banana is the quintessential smoothie; strawberries, banana and fresh orange juice whips into a delicious, tangy, creamy treat you can have any time.

    • The Elvis

      6 / 7.5

      Enjoy one of Elvis’ favorite combinations- peanut butter, banana and chocolate. With cacao nibs adding a delicious crunch you’re bound to be one with the King.  *Note: The Elvis smoothie is blended, not all shook up.*

    • Green Goddess

      6 / 7.5

      Enjoy Perk Cafe’s most refreshing smoothie made with banana, pineapple, spinach, and almond milk.  This lightly sweet smoothie is packed full of wholesome ingredients and nutrients to make you feel great!

    • Aloha

      6 / 7.5

      Take a trip to the tropics with our Aloha smoothie, a blend of pineapple, mango, banana, coconut and orange juice. Close your eyes, take a sip and imagine yourself on a sunny beach with gentle waves hitting the shore.  Open your eyes and realize you’re still in Bayville, NJ… but at least you still have this smoothie.

    • Smoothie Happy Hour

      Mon-Fri 12PM-4PM | $1 off + Free Protein if desired

    • Bring Perk to Work - 6.45

    • Your choice of breakfast sandwich and a 20oz hot coffee or tea.

    • Breakfast

    • Egg White English Muffin


      We get it, eating healthy can be hard. But we’ve got the solution! Get that morning bacon egg and cheese fix without cheating on your diet. Egg whites, turkey bacon and swiss cheese offers a lighter version of the classic without putting you in an early grave!

    • Bacon Egg & Cheese Wrap


      A serious breakfast classic, scrambled egg, American cheese and crispy bacon on a flour tortilla is bound to keep you full and smiling for hours

    • Egg and Cheese Croissant


      Not in the mood for a meaty breakfast? Try the scrambled egg and American cheese on a fluffy croissant. Who needs a McMuffin when you have this?

    • Sausage Egg & Cheese Croissant


      Fresh sausage and scrambled egg, topped with American cheese.

    • Baked Goods

    • Cheese Pockets


      Flaky, buttery, puff pastry made even better with a sweet cream cheese filling.

    • Apple Turnovers


      Basically a hand held apple pie, how can it get any better? Flaky, stuffed pastry with sweet apple pie filling will make you think you’ve died and gone to pastry heaven.

    • Muffins


      Fresh baked, and sweet.  Our assorted muffins are a popular pairing with one of our tasty beverages.

    • Crumb Cake Squares


      Generous layer of crisp, buttery, cinnamon laden crumbs atop a pillowy-soft cake that’s swirled with notes of vanilla.

    • Salted Fudge Brownies


      Rich, fudgey squares that will satisfy any chocolate craving.

    • Paleo Cookies


      Soft and chewy coconut chocolate chip cookies. Vegan and paleo friendly!

    • Flourless PB Cookies


      Peanut butter cookies have never tasted so good. Soft and sweet, with chopped peanuts and major peanut butter flavor!

    • Pastries

    • Home-Made Protein Balls (2)


      Orange-Cranberry, Monkey Business, Mocha, Blueberry

    • Lunch

    • Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap


      Shaved parmesan cheese, lettuce & creamy caesar dressing in a garlic wrap.

    • Italian Panini with Sun Dried Tomato Puree


      Genoa salami, proscuittini, hot ham, provolone cheese, sundried tomato puree on tomato panini

    • Turkey Club Wrap


      A true American lunch classic with roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a flour tortilla.

    • Chicken Hummus Snack Pack


      A perfect solution to those mid afternoon hunger pangs! Satisfy your cravings with grilled chicken, hummus and fresh veggies, and whole wheat pita!

    • Grilled Veggie Panini


      Feel healthy while also indulging in something a little more hearty with the grilled veggie panini. Loaded with savory grilled vegetables, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil pesto it makes you feel like you can take on the world, the spinach panini bread is just icing on the cake...or whatever the healthy equivalent would be.

    • Buffalo Chicken Wrap


      Breaded chicken, crispy lettuce, hot sauce, creamy bleu cheese dressing on a specialty sun dried tomato wrap.

    • Cobb Salad


      What could be better than smoked turkey, hard boiled egg, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, grape tomatoes & ranch dressing? When you want to be healthy and eat a salad, but you also just don’t care, go for the Cobb Salad!

    • Vegan

    • Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Wrap


      Roasted cauliflower with vegan buffalo sauce, curly kale, classic hummus, in a whole wheat wrap.

    • Vegan Falafel Wrap


      Who said vegan isn’t delicious? They’re wrong, don’t listen to them. Chickpeas are the star of the show in this wrap through falafel bites and classic hummus combined with a cabbage slaw and cucumbers on a lavash wrap. Like we said, vegan food can be amazing. Get over yourself and enjoy!

    • Snacks

    • Hummus with Pretzel Nuggets


      Creamy classic hummus with crunchy salted pretzel nuggets

    • The New Primal Classic Beef Jerky

    • Vanilla Bean Yogurt with Granola


      Lightly sweetened yogurt flavored with real vanilla bean with a honey, almond granola

    • Miss Vickie's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips


      Jalapeno, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Smokehouse BBQ

    • Taos Bakes


      Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt, Toasted Coconut Vanilla Bean

    • Grab n' Go Beverages

    • Kombucha


      Ginger-Lemon, Pink Lady Apple, Superfoods Power Greens

    • Ugly Sparkling Water 12oz



    • Ugly Sparkling Water 16oz


      Plain Sparkling

    • Dona Spice Sodas


      Pink Peppercorn Lemon, Juniper Lime, Turmeric Honeybush

    • Olipop Sodas


      Vintage Cola, Ginger-Lemon, Classic Root Beer, Cherry Vanilla

    • Life Water

    • Specials

    • Bring Perk to Work


      Your choice of breakfast sandwich and a 20oz hot coffee or tea

    • Perk Lunch


      Your choice of wrap or panini, a bag of Miss Vickie's chips, and a soft drink. (Perk Lunch does not include Kombucha)

    • Smoothie Happy Hour

      Mon-Fri 12PM-4PM | $1 off + Free Protein if desired